Am I a Fraud?

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 23, 2019

Am I a fraud?

I’ve asked myself this question in the middle of big transitions like:

  • First starting with real estate investment, because I didn’t have any deals
  • Closing on my first deal, because it was my first
  • Teaching others how to invest in real estate, because who was I to do that?
  • Putting a hard stop on buying new deals, because I felt the market was overpriced but everyone around me kept right on buying
  • Seeing friends race right past my 404 units to 1,000 or 1,500 units

What do all of these incidents have in common?

I doubted myself and my abilities. I felt inadequate. I was worried about making any transitions that could potentially impact my family.

Impostor syndrome hits us hardest when we’re filled with insecurity and inadequacy… Thankfully, my marketing strategist & mindset adviser, Amy Birks, spoke powerfully on overcoming imposter syndrome and knowing how to be sure of yourself even in a business such as this.

It was March. I hosted a Mastermind Day at my office — a full-day, intimate gathering of 30 investors and speakers to teach and learn Multifamily Real Estate Investing. Amy did an exercise that defeats impostor syndrome so you can market your business aggressively, even when you are brand-new in real estate. She showed us how to draw on your current career and past successes to build a track record of success that impresses real estate players, even though the track record is not directly in real estate.

Her talk built upon some of the tactics discussed by Jonathan Kessler, a top multifamily broker, about how you can get brokers to take you seriously, even when you’re new. (Hint: it’s how you approach them and “market” yourself to them.)

This Mastermind Day cost $297 to attend, but was completely free to Multifamily Launchpad members. The videos are up in the member site, where MFL members get unlimited access to study them whenever they want, as much as they want.

I will host another Mastermind Day on September 22 – again, completely free to MFL members… These members will get access to the recordings of both Spring and Fall 2019 Mastermind Days.

If you want in on the upgraded, exclusive-content version of Multifamily Launchpad, hop on over here to join the waitlist!

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