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How to Find an Investor Who Will Mentor You for Free

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 17, 2019

There only one -sure-fire way to find an experienced real estate investor who will mentor you for free.

You must make it worthwhile and valuable for them!

Mentors don’t need your ‘help’; they need your services that they can’t — or just don’t want to — do themselves anymore! Some examples:

  • Finding new off-market deals
  • Bringing in new investors
  • First-cut underwriting on hundreds of deals

Cue the sad music; chances are you currently have nothing of value to offer a mentor.

~ Brokers won’t even show you their good on-market deals. So how can you possibly bring a mentor off-market deals he couldn’t find himself?

~ You lack money to invest in deals, have no connections with money, and don’t know how to build a network of investors yourself. So how can you introduce investors to your mentor?

~ You don’t know how to underwrite. So why would a mentor trust you with first-cut underwriting?

You think you’re doing an investor a favor by offering free labor… Here’s what the investor sees:

  • Having to train someone who knows nothing
  • Receiving work product that’s worthless
  • People flaking out because it doesn’t lead to quick riches with no work
  • Having that person think they’re owed something for doing free (and, most likely, worthless) work

It just isn’t worth the bother.

My Multifamily Launchpad program teaches you the following skills you need to get a mentor:

  • How to make the best brokers take you seriously, even if you have no track record, so you can see the best deals on Day 1. (Module 3, Video 3)
  • How to build an investor network from scratch, so you can bring new investors to a mentor (Module 8, Video 6)
  • How to underwrite deals properly, so you can identify winners and losers (Module 8, Videos 2-9)

Here are some other valuable assets you’ll gain from my program!

  • Win bids in any market conditions (without necessarily adding more money to your bid) (Module 5, Video 4)
  • Understand the market cycle, so you don’t follow the overbidding herd over the cliff or cower with them in fear on the sidelines when the best opportunities are there (Module 1, Video 3)
  • Select the best markets based on fundamental data, not the uninformed Top Ten lists of uninformed real estate “journalists” (Module 2, Videos 4-6)
  • Conduct proper due diligence, so the seller doesn’t stick you with a money-losing lemon (Module 6, Videos 2-8)
  • Get a mortgage, even if you lack the liquidity and net worth normally required (Module 7, Video 7)
  • Raise all the money you will ever need to do deals, and get your investors to pay you for the privilege of investing in your deals (Module 8, Videos 2-10)

3 Reasons People May Not Succeed:

First, most people will never complete it. Because they realize that multifamily riches are NOT easy to come by, unlike the gurus told them. But those people are just fantasy cosplayers anyway. They are never going to become investors, because they hate actual work.

Second, if you actually make it through the program, you’ll have the skills to help a mentor. But you won’t need one anymore. Why’s that? You’ll know everything you need to know and you’ll have me in your corner (via a private Facebook group monthly calls) to help you work through the problems that arise as you are doing deals. Because you’ll be part of a closed, selective network of serious, experienced people who are doing deals, you’ll find people who can give you advice, connections, and everything else you need to succeed.

Third, the program is currently closed to new members. It will open again in Fall 2019, though! If you’d like to be the first to know about openings, and be eligible for exclusive discounts on your membership rate, then be sure to join my waitlist, right here: www.mflwaitlist.com

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