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S01E06: Using Passive Income to Live in The Blue Zone Paradise w/ Becca Hintergardt

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: October 5, 2022


Today’s guest is Becca Hintergardt who brings to the multifamily space a successful sales career of medical device sales at a leading Fortune 500 company, as well as valuable multifamily experience. Becca strives for the uncommon. She currently lives in a boutique surf and yoga hub in Nosara, Costa Rica. Her life in the tropics is largely supported by passive income from her multifamily real estate investing.  

Becca’s team is under construction on their newest asset a 100-unit Quality Inn Motel in Arizona that they are converting to 65 multifamily units. The complexities of a hotel conversion process provide her with well-needed challenges to continue learning and growing in the multifamily industry.

Additionally, she has invested in and overseen multiple projects, including a condo renovation/conversion project in San Francisco, a multifamily value-add project in Kansas City, and she is an LP on several buildings totaling over 450+ units throughout Texas. Becca is inspired to help others live an authentic life of passive income freedom and location independence through real estate investing. She invests in multifamily properties in the US and double your money  new construction projects in Costa Rica’s highly sought-after tourist towns.

In episode 6 we discuss the Great Resignation and how to achieve the passive income lifestyle. Becca shares her story of leaving America and putting her finances on relative auto-pilot. She also goes over the many surprising benefits of living in what are called Blue Zone countries, where the quality of life is a huge improvement. There are also practical tips regarding how to go about sourcing real estate deals, how to approach multifamily projects and how Becca approaches due diligence in her work and more.

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Key points:

(01:12) How Becca was able to liberate herself from corporate America and leave for the tropics
(03:48) What exactly are the Blue Zone countries? Longevity and quality of life in the Blue Zone
(05:56) Why did Becca choose Costa Rica in particular to pursue the passive income life
(05:56) Why did Becca choose Costa Rica in particular to pursue the passive income life
(07:24) How does one support themselves financially while living in paradise
(10:00) Does Becca still carry on with any regular work, either part-time or otherwise?
(12:02) Becca shares a story about an real estate deal gone south
(13:40) The importance of due diligence in real estate deals
(15:14) Becca’s own due diligence process
(17:25) How Becca scouts out investment opportunities. The cog model.
(20:43) Which types of people does Becca typically work with on her real estate deals
(21:40) Advice for beginners looking to get into the passive income life and follow the Great Resignation
(24:19) Going from remote work to a pure passive income model
(25:53) Multifamily investing allows for a lot of control over your personal time
(26:32) Multifamily investing can be scaled very effectively
(27:35) Further resources and where to reach out to Becca

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