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S01E08: Multifamily Investing & Development: How To Get Started, How To Find The Right Partners & More w/ John Cohen

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: October 19, 2022

In today’s episode of the Apartment Investors Podcast, John Cohen shares his insights on the current state of the real estate market and why he is bullish on housing and multifamily housing in the long term. John Cohen Co-Founded Toro Real Estate Partners in 2015, John’s focus is on the strategic direction of the company and creating the investment strategy.

He has been investing in real estate since 2010 and has been focusing on deals where he can add tremendous value. Since starting in real estate, he has been involved in over $500 million worth of transactions.

John’s long track record has seen him watch the market evolve drastically over time and we get to hear some of his key observations. He is currently bullish on housing, but is mindful of potential risks. John has shifted his focus to higher quality assets that he can hold for longer periods of time.

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The current state of the real estate market, including the potential for a market correction in the short term.

2. The importance of choosing high-quality assets, especially in light of the current market conditions.

3. The importance of having a long-term investment strategy, rather than a short-term “flip” mentality.

Key points:

(01:12) The state of the real estate market in 2022

(04:54)  John’s strategy for holding on to higher quality assets.

(06:58) Moving from C deals  to A deals

(16:49) Would John see himself investing in C-class properties again

(20:09) Other asset types to consider

(21:50)  John’s transition into development.

(25:36) What sort of skills do you need for doing redevelopment

(27:34) The importance of partnerships.

(31:12) How to get in touch with John

Connect with John Cohen

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-cohen-56847314

Website: https://tororep.com/our-team/

Connect with Jonathan Twombly

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathandtwombly

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