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The Busy Professional’s Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing: Vanessa Peters’ Journey to Financial Freedom

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: November 23, 2022

Vanessa Peters, MD, is the founder of VMD Investing and has been investing in real estate for 14 years in single-family homes, commercial retail,  apartment communities, short-term rentals, self-storage, land entitlements and manufactured home parks. She has invested in over 3500 units across 40 properties and 6 funds. 

She is passionate about helping busy professionals build wealth through passive, income-producing real estate that provides attractive returns and a proven roadmap to financial freedom.

Vanessa is the author of “The Busy Professional’s Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing – A physician’s path to building wealth, creating financial freedom & leaving a legacy.

“When I looked up and realized how much it appreciated, it reignited my interest in real estate.”

Does any of this sound familiar? You’ve been told to save up for a down payment, get a stable job, and work hard to get financial freedom. But no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to get ahead. You’re In this episode, you will learn:

1. How Vanessa Peters went from being a busy medical professional to a real estate syndicator

2. What advice Vanessa Peters got from her non-real estate Masterminds

3. How Vanessa Peters wrote her book, “The Busy Professional’s Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing”

Some key points:

(01:12) Vanessa is still a practising full-time MD while she runs her syndication business
(03:17) The 2008 crash leads Vanessa to become an accidental landlord and this ignited her passion for RE
(04:50) How Vanessa managed her first family property investment
(05:23) Going from a single unit to 3500 units through syndication
(09:38) What enabled Vanessa to take on her first syndication deal
(10:48) Going from an LP to an active participant in syndication
(11:58) Vanessa’s process for going through a syndication deal
(12:29) Scaling within the syndication world from the first deal to a whole business
(14:26) What type of advice has helped Vanessa succeed in the RE game
(15:15) Vanessa’s tips for time management while handling two businesses, a medical practice & a family
(19:14) How does Vanessa find new investors
(23:45) Rockstar Capital 2
(26:18) Vanessa’s process for raising money
(28:28) Advice for people just starting out
(32:59) Final piece of advice. Don’t get bogged down in analysis paralysis
(34:45) How to reach out to Vanessa

Reach out to Vanessa:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vmdpeters
Website: https://www.vmdinvesting.com/
Email: venessa@vmdinvesting.com

Reach out to Jonathan Twombly
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathandtwombly

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