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Why the “magic of the first deal” actually works

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: September 19, 2023

I try to walk at least 8,000 steps every day. Each morning I get off the subway 3 stops early, which gets me about 5,000 before work.

Usually, I listen to podcasts.

Often, I listened to Ryan Holiday’s podcast, the Daily Stoic, which helps me get through life’s ups and downs.

Today, Ryan talked about “trusting the process.”

Trusting the process is a problem, he says.

Until you’ve been through the process, you don’t know what the process is!

When you’re starting out, you know where you are. And you know where you want to go (your goal).

But you don’t know how to get there.

You’re feeling your way blindly toward the goal.

Most people quit along the way because they don’t know if they’re on the right track or not.

They have no roadmap.

They quit when they hit an obstacle because they don’t know if the obstacle can be overcome.

Or if they can overcome it.

Or, even if they overcome it, if the goal is actually waiting for them on the other side.

Often, they don’t know the obstacle is normal. Or in fact an essential part of the process. So they think they’re not good enough and quit.

But this is why the “magic of the first deal” works.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this idea – that once you close your first deal, the next one is easier, and everyone gets easier after that.

Partly it’s because brokers and investors take you more seriously.

But it’s actually because now you know the process.

Now you can trust the process.

Sure, obstacles pop up.

But now you know your goal is waiting on the other side.

Ryan is right – about his topic of writing books.

In publishing, you lock yourself in a room and write until it’s done. No one can tell you what you’ll come up against or how to get through it.

But, for real estate, he’s only partly right.

Sure, there’s no substitute for doing an actual deal.

But, real estate is different.

Because you can borrow other people’s experiences.

They can give you road maps, and tell you where all the road closures are, and how to avoid them.

And that’s what my new course does for you.

It provides you with the precise road map to getting your first deal.

With every tool you need to do it.

And with the ability to talk with me every month when you hit an obstacle and you need advice from someone who’s been through the process many times.

So, keep watching this space for updates on the course’s progress and how you can join.

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