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You got 12 months – max – to prepare

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

On Saturday, I spoke on the Syndicators’ Panel at the MFIN conference here in New York City.

One co-panelist was Ben Suttles, who’s accumulated over 5,000 units. The moderator asked him what new investors should be doing in the current environment.

Educating yourselves and preparing like crazy,” he said. Because the best opportunity to buy Multifamily assets since the Great Financial Crisis is just 12-24 months away.

“You must be reading my emails!,” I joked with him after the panel.

Now, 12 months is probably just enough time to prepare for this generational opportunity.

If you start right now.

And just in time to get you prepared, I’m releasing the fully updated version of my comprehensive multifamily investing course, Apartment Investing Accelerator.

Next Tuesday, November 14.

Included with the program, you get one year of group calls with me. So you can get fast answers to every question you have about finding good multifamily deals, raising capital, negotiating seller financing, and generally preparing for the opportunity to come.

And you get access to the ready-made network of investors inside Apartment Investors Club. So you can find partners and capital raisers and be ready to close deals the moment the generational investing opportunity appears.

To celebrate the new program – and the upcoming holidays – I’m offering it at a special one-time discount:

50% percent off the regular price.

That’s just $1,000 for the entire program.

  • With my underwriting model, letter of intent, and checklists – included.
  • 12 months of direct access to me on our group calls – included.
  • Membership in my community of investors – included.

There’s exactly one chance to get this special discount.

Next week, starting November 14.

Join the waitlist to get access a day early.

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