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5 Types of People NOT Permitted…

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: August 1, 2019

In just the last few days, a student told me he signed his first purchase contract using what he learned in Multifamily Launchpad. Another got a meeting with a top broker, despite having zero track record. He’d been through three high-priced guru programs with no success. None of them taught how to get brokers to pay attention to you.

Multifamily Launchpad does.

So, I’m willing to stand Multifamily Launchpad up against any program out there. Especially given the price: a fraction of what the gurus charge – gurus who don’t even teach you how to get good deals from brokers.

I also got an email from a prospective MFL student. He asked, essentially: “Hey Jonathan! If I join Multifamily Launchpad, will you do all my work for me?

He’d been begging me to get into the program for some time. Now I know it’s because he thought I was giving away $25,000/year one-on-one, hold-you-by-the-hand, pat-you-on-the-head “mentoring” for a fraction of what everyone else charges.

When I corrected his misimpression, I never heard from him again. Not even an email thanking me for correcting the facts before he bought a program that wasn’t what he really wanted.

I actually get at least one question like this every time I open the program. These emails and questions remind me: it’s a good idea to remind you who should NOT join Multifamily Launchpad.

Because it’s really not for everyone.

For example, these 5 types are not welcome in MFL:

  • People who want all the work done for them. (I show you everything you need to do, in detail, like a roadmap. Dozens of video lessons. Checklists for everything. Deal analyzer. Letter of Intent. Syndication marketing examples. An actual investor deal room. And so much more. But it’s up to you to take action and implement what I teach.)
  • People who need to be told they’re doing it right. (If you need hand-holding and head-patting, then you need to pay a coach $10,000 – $50,000 to look over your shoulder. MFL doesn’t offer that service.)
  • People who buy real estate books and programs but never actually implement anything inside them. (Buying a course is not “taking action.” Only applying what you learn in the real world counts.)
  • People who think that buying a program will “force” them to finally take action. (If you’re not an action-taker by nature, then spending money isn’t going to change anything.)
  • People who will stress over paying the program’s modest monthly fee. (If you can’t afford a small monthly payment to learn the business, then how can you afford the startup costs of real estate investing? Joining the program now will waste your time and money. Get your financial house in order first, and then focus on investing.)

Here’s who MFL is for:

  • People who know that you must do it yourself to learn a new skill. (You know that a skill learned by doing can never be taken away from you, and that this is the key to true freedom.)
  • People with the self-confidence to implement what you’re taught on your own. (Even if it means making mistakes along the way, because you know mistakes are the only way you gain the experience that leads to confidence.)
  • Action-takers and implementers. (People who take advantage of all the knowledge, short-cuts, and assistance that I’ve packed into the program by actually using them, like those two students I mentioned above.)
  • People who are temporarily stuck, and will use MFL to get un-stuck. (You are normally an action-taker, but you’re stuck because you lack real estate investing knowledge or you’re confused by all the contradictory messages you’re hearing and you need a support system to help you cut through it all.)
  • Fiscally prudent people. (People who have their financial house in order and could afford to pay the high-priced gurus but are too fiscally prudent to risk tens of thousands of dollars on a program you might not even like.)

If you are one of these 5 types of people who will truly benefit from MFL, then join the waitlist now.

The waitlist is the only way to learn about the dates for the limited 3-day sale window, the even more limited window where you can get an early-action discount, and the bonuses that come with the program.

Unless you’re on the waitlist, you will almost certainly miss your chance to join and will have to wait until Fall 2019, when the price rises again.

When I launched the program in January, the early-action discounts sold out in 3 minutes. This time, I am not limiting the number of early-action discounts, but I am limiting the time when they can be purchased. And if the cap of 100 overall memberships sells out in the early-action discount window, then the sale shuts down instantly. So you must act fast to get into the program. And the only way to guarantee you’ll know when to act is by joining the waitlist. https://www.mflwaitlist.com

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