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The Team Member Who GUARANTEES Great Deals, Even if You’re New

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 31, 2019

Many people tell you who needs to be on your real estate investment team. Lawyers, CPAs, mortgage brokers, contractors, insurance brokers – the usual suspects.

One team member above all is critical, maybe even more than these others.

Because he or she will help you understand your market better than anyone else. They’ll make sure you’re not making major mistakes with your assumptions. They’ll make you money once you own a property.

They will help you get deals in the first place.

Because they know all the good brokers in the market, they can help you establish a solid network. Your mere association with that person will convince the top brokers to show you the best deals.

Even if you are new to that market, or new to multifamily investing in general.

That essential person is a property manager. And an association with a top property manager practically guarantees you will get good deals from brokers in that market.

But if that property manager is not one of the best, the opposite will happen. Because the brokers know who the bad managers are, too. And if you associate with one of them, they will assume you don’t know what you are doing either.

You must know how to choose the best managers in your market. It’s a make-or-break thing.

My Multifamily Launchpad program, which re-opens to new members in a few short weeks, teaches you why the right manager is so important, as well as:

  • How to find the best managers in a new market and avoid the worst ones. (You’ll learn the precise questions to ask to separate out the right manager for your deal from all the pretenders.) (Module 1, Video 7)
  • The 5 critical steps you must take BEFORE you reach out to a new broker, if you want them to take you seriously. (The way most people learn broker outreach ignores these steps and might as well be called “How to fail with brokers.“) (Module 3, Video 3)
  • How to understand market cycles – and the investor psychology behind them. (This psychology explains why new investors often buy high, sell low, and lose their investments – and this video explains how to avoid this fate.) (Module 2, Video 3)
  • The single most important factor in selecting an investment market, and where to learn if your market lacks it. (Without it, I won’t even look at a deal, no matter how good it seems. This factor makes it a long-term loser.) (Module 2, Video 4)
  • The submarket factor that guarantees you’ll get the best tenants into your property. (HINT: it has nothing to do with the property itself, the management, the amenities, etc.) (Module 2, Video 5)
  • How to eliminate your worry about underwriting and analyze deals like a pro. (Even if you hate math and are terrible with spreadsheets.) (Module 4)
  • How to win bids in any market conditions (and stay conservative so you don’t overpay). (Module 5)
  • Conducting proper due diligence, so you can avoid buying a career-ending money pit. (Module 6)
  • How to ensure that you always qualify for a commercial mortgage, regardless of your personal financial condition. (Module 7, Video 3)
  • Why you should never approach lenders directly. (And why having this person on your team will get you the best terms and make your life easy during the onerous lender due diligence process.) (Module 7, Video 6)
  • Syndicating deals: the one thing you must do to ensure that you have enough investor funds to close any deal you find. (Module 8, Video 6)
  • How to do a syndication legally – and avoid the SEC sending some burly FBI agents to your home or place of business to ask unpleasant questions. (Module 8, Video 4)
  • Why most people do Section 1031 exchanges wrong, and what you should do instead. (Module 9, Video 4)
  • Why the transition to your ownership is a dangerous time for your property. (Ignorant mistakes new investors make at the transition can dig such a big hole that you might never climb out.) (Module 10, Video 3)
  • The single most important focus you must have to scale a sustainable real estate business. (It’s something I missed, and it really harmed my business, but I focus on it relentlessly now.) (Module 11)
  • And so much more!

The program also comes with vital supporting materials like:

  • My underwriting template, which takes the guesswork out of underwriting and makes it easy to underwrite like a pro, even if you aren’t good at math and hate spreadsheets.
  • Downloadable checklists for every stage of the investment process, to ensure you don’t miss something critical that causes you to lose money.
  • The actual Letter of Intent (LOI) that I use in my deals, along with its due diligence checklist, in MS Word form so you can use it on your own letterhead. This LOI locks the seller into your terms and due diligence requirements before you even start negotiating a contract, and would cost you $1,000s to have a lawyer draft for you.
  • Interviews with real experts like brokers, property managers, lenders, insurance brokers, etc., to help you understand how to interact successfully with these vital professionals.

You also get support directly from me, like:

  • Practically daily interaction with me in our private Facebook group, where you can ask me anything about multifamily investing whenever you need a quick answer.
  • Monthly live Q&A webinars, where we can go deep into any topic you need extra help on.
  • Monthly video content updates, where I address your most common and pressing questions in depth.
  • A growing video library of past Q&A calls and video updates that you can access any time you like.

What do Waitlist members get?

  1. The best chance of landing a spot in the program.
  2. Access to spots before I open the doors to my 8,000 or so subscribers and Facebook group members.
  3. An exclusive opportunity to get early bird pricing and lock it in for life! (Yes, the price rises again after this launch. But not for you if you grab this favorable pricing.)

    —If this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, join here! www.mflwaitlist.com

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