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You’ve Never *Seen* Yoda & Warren Buffet Together, Have You?

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 30, 2019

Okay, Warren Buffett isn’t actually Yoda. If he were a Star Wars character though, who else could he be but Yoda?

Like Yoda, Warren Buffett shares wisdom from decades of experience. Including the quote that has most influenced my investing:

Be fearful when others are greedy.
Be greedy when others are fearful.

Greed now dominates the multifamily real estate market. Despite the clouds of recession waiting on the horizon, investors are paying record prices everywhere you turn. 

Ask your typical multifamily investor if paying record prices for deals is a good idea. He’ll tell you why you should ignore economic facts.

This. Time. Is. Different.

That investor reminds me of young Luke Skywalker, so overconfident in his ability to become a Jedi, telling Yoda: “I’m not afraid!”

But Yoda answers, “Oh . . . You will be. You will be.”

Like Yoda, Warren Buffett would counsel that we should be fearful right now. Instead, most multifamily investors are buying at the top and shouting “I’m not afraid!”

When the correction comes, they will be. They will be.

I, on the other hand, sold everything at the top and delivered huge returns to my investors. I intend to be very greedy at the bottom. That’s when the real money will be made in multifamily real estate.

So . . . How does this affect you?

The correction – the greatest buying opportunity in a decade – is coming. Probably sooner than you think, since markets correct at the top, when everyone is feeling great. Something out of left field knocks the pegs out from under the economy.

When this happens, most investors will be too scared to move. Only those who are prepared will profit.

I want you to be among the prepared.

So, I’m offering you the opportunity to join my private mentoring group, where you get:

  • (nearly) daily access to me on Facebook to answer all your Multifamily Investing questions,
  • monthly live Q&A calls with me,
  • new content every month specifically designed to maximize your multifamily investing knowledge,
  • interviews with top experts in the field,
  • the chance to attend live in-person mastermind/networking events with me for free (normally $297 each),
  • my $4,997 signature investing program (new and improved for you), free as part of your membership,
  • and much, much more.

All for a price that’s a fraction of what gurus charge you for lower-quality programs (according to my students who have done theirs and mine).

In January, the early-action discounted memberships sold out in less than 3 minutes!

Sign up now, you should. You’re going to want to know exactly when and where to get one to minimize the chance of being disappointed if you miss out. Only waitlist members will get the link and the timing of that early-action window.

To read the details of the program, click this link, you must (I couldn’t resist honing my inner Yoda). www.mflwaitlist.com.


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