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Found a Great Property, but Don’t Qualify for a Mortgage?

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 11, 2019

You found a great deal on a property that you’re *sure* will make money. It’s the equivalent of finding a needle in the haystack of this tough real estate market… Except for one thing: you don’t quality for a mortgage.

Bad credit, lower net worth than the loan amount, liquid assets that leave something to be desired by the bank? What do you do? Give up in defeat, leaving a great deal behind?


You find a credit or balance sheet partner! Someone who has a bigger net worth, more liquidity, and better credit than you do — enough to satisfy the bank. *Many* wealthy people have discovered how great it is to be a balance sheet partner! They get returns on investments of ZERO dollars, and the risks are relatively small! People are *dying* to get into great deals this way!

So… Time for the big questions: How do you *find* a balance sheet partner? How do you convince them and compensate them?

I’ve put together a six-video training module showing you *exactly* how to get a commercial mortgage. They cover everything you need to know and do to successfully navigate the lender’s review process — including just how to find a balance sheet partner, and compensate them properly!

Finding a balance sheet partner is a topic I’ve NEVER covered before; this module has entirely new content catered to your commercial mortgage needs!

This module will be uploaded to Multifamily Launchpad in the next couple days… and new memberships to Multifamily Launchpad open in the fall – just in time for you to be home from family vacation – for the kids to be back in school and out of your hair, when you can concentrate FULLY on ESCAPING W-2 wage slavery!

If you want to get into MFL when it opens again, and get the shot at a discounted membership only available to waiting list members, then join the waiting list right here: www.mflwaitlist.com

The best time to prepare is *now*, so that you can really dive in with learning the business, connecting in the relationships you will need to profit, and being prepared when the great opportunity comes. You need to meet your balance sheet partners and build trust with them *now*. When properties are open, it will be too late — so find a balance sheets partner ASAP!

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