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Independence Day is Different…

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 11, 2019

Independence Day is Different, and That’s How Our Ancestors Wanted It

When I was 7, during the 1976 Bicentennial, I became obsessed with the American Revolution. Imagine how I felt when, years later, I found eleven ancestors who actually fought in the Revolution! 

Corporal John Twombly. Matthew Paul. Isaac Webster. Abraham Morison. Daniel Loud. Johnathan Woodbury, who fought under Johnathan Woodbury, Jr.’s  command at Bunker Hill. 

Captain Benjamin Emery, who was at the Battle of White Plains. Since that battle occurred during the retreat from the disastrous Battle of Brooklyn, he was probably there too, fighting where my current neighborhood now stands.

Starting at Bunker Hill, Robert Stewart fought through the Siege of Boston, the Saratoga Campaign, the Battles of Harlem Heights, and the Battle of White Plains. He then crossed the Delaware with General Washington to fight at Trenton and Princeton. He was probably at Brooklyn, too. He may have been in the war right through the British surrender at Yorktown.

These men were undertrained, underfed and undersupplied by a Continental Congress that lacked power to make the states pay the cost of the war. Their salaries were paid in worthless Continental currency. They were shoeless in Valley Forge and shirtless in the Sullivan Campaign.

Facing the prospect of traitors’ executions if the United States lost the war, they left their farms and families behind. Yet they persevered, and won against the greatest military power the world had ever known — the British Empire. Great sacrifice, worth every risk for the right of individuals to govern themselves. 

For them, freedom meant political independence and self-determination. They established those things for us; we no longer have to fight for them. Because of Revolution soldiers, we are now in the very fortunate place of being able to determine what freedom means to us, personally. 243 years later, we live in the country theycreated for us. Here, we are unable to imagine the privations of war, but able to freely decide how to live our lives and gain abundance through boundless opportunities. 

We owe it to the people who fought in the Revolution to carry on their fight for independence in small, humble ways. Our personal struggles do not invalidate or trivialize their wartime struggles… After all, these soldiers fought to establish a country where we can focus on our own personal fulfillment. 

For me, independence and personal fulfillment means making a living on my own terms, not subject to the whims of a mentally ill boss (yes, I’ve been there) or some bean-counter trying reduced costs increase the company stock price by $0.03, so the CEO’s stock options become more valuable.

I declared my independence from Corporate America in 2011. When I think about how long I dithered about it, I compare it to what those eleven Revolutionary ancestors sacrificed. My reluctance about the change makes me want to grab my younger self by the collar and tell him, “Stop being suck a freaking crybaby! Just do it! Declare your independence and be free, already!”

Once I did finally did it, I decided to make it my life’s work to help others do the same thing! Whether through investing their money or teaching them how to do it. It took me as long as the Revolution was (8 years), but I finally created Multifamily Launchpad to help others who want to declare their independence, too! To teach you everything you need to know about multifamily investing, WITHOUT breaking your bank.

Independence for you may look like something else — and that’s okay! If you’re like me, though, and crave independence from Corporate America through real estate investing, then Multifamily Launchpad is the first piece of the puzzle that will get you there!

Just as we no longer have to make sacrifices tied to the privations and hardships of war, our children and descendants may no longer have to make the sacrifices we have made if we declare our personal independence… That’s the way our ancestors wanted it to be! 

If real estate investing is the way you want to declare your independence, then Multifamily Launchpad will help you DO it! This program will get you started by giving you the skills, knowledge, and confidence in yourself to finally take the plunge! 

Want to join the waiting list so you’re the first to know when it opens to new members – and be in line for discount pricing?  Sign up here!


I will see you on the inside!

Happy Fourth!

~ Jonathan

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