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Would You Please Set Some Money on Fire For Me?

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: July 11, 2019

Dear Johnathan,

I’m a complete stranger, and I have a real estate problem that’s so complicated, it takes 1,000 words to explain. Would you please take time away from your business and family to lend me your problem-solving skills… For free?


Freebie-seeking “investor”

Like clockwork, this email hits my inbox every few weeks. If I’m really lucky, the writer even offers to buy me a coffee in exchange for solving their problem! When I first started, I’d accept most invitations to give free advice.


I genuinely wanted to help them. I was afraid of ‘not being nice’. I was new at business, and didn’t realize that the number one enemy would be distractions… As my business grew, though, I learned a few things!

One: These conversations almost always took hours, robbing my business and my family of my most valuable asset — my focus.

Two: “How do I get involved in Multifamily Investing?” – the starting point of freebie-seekers made every conversation I gave the same.

Three: Most people weren’t actually willing to work. They were hoping I’d give them a leave-the-job, make-millions-quick secret that would make breaking into real estate effort-and-risk-free.

They may not have intended it, but these people were really asking me to open my wallet, pull out some bills, and set them on fire… Time is money, and they wanted my time for free!

Here’s the thing, though: I really want to help people break into this business! After thinking about it, I realized that there is a way to help many people at once, weed out the time-wasters, be compensated fairly for my time and expertise, and still keep it very affordable for most people.

That’s when the idea of using a video module program came to mind. Instead of answering the same questions on repeat, I could create a high-quality resource that would teach people everything they need to know about this business!

For more the more individualized questions that come up when people are actually doing deals, I could respond personally inside a private Facebook group, so that all group members could benefit… Or on a recorded monthly Q&A call, so all present and future group members could hear the answer.

At least two times a year, I could also work with you in person, bringing in other experts, for a day of learning and networking – all for free with group membership! Because I can teach many people at once this way, the program would be affordable. High enough to keep out the tire-kickers and time-wasters. Low enough that, for people who were serious about real estate, the investment would be very modest compared with the high value they were getting.

This program is now known as Multifamily Launchpad, and it’s opening again to new members in the fall… When your summer vacation is done, the rugrats are back in school and out of your hair, and you’re ready to focus again on growing your net worth and cash flow through real estate.

For guaranteed access to the program and the chance at exclusive early-action discounts, you must sign up HERE! www.mflwaitlist.com

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