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How he earned a GP spot with no track record, experience or investor list

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: October 27, 2023

My student Harold (not his real name) is the latest success from my mentoring program.

Several students have learned to raise capital and become part of the GP. Proving their abilities on my deals, and then using this track record to work with other sponsors as well.

Harold internalized the methods from my course materials on raising capital.

He also joined my capital-raising-focused program, Raise More, Ask Less, which just wrapped up its first group.

A couple of months ago, Harold didn’t know anything about syndication except that he wanted to get into it.

Fast forward a few weeks, and he was able to raise several hundred thousand dollars for my latest deal.

Starting from zero. With no list of investors.

Just applying what he learned in my programs.

(He also learned how to do it correctly, compliant with SEC rules. A particular focus of my trainings.)

The GP position he earned in the deal will ultimately be worth many multiples of what he invested in my program.

He tells me he could have raised even more, but he hit the raise limit quickly. Don’t worry, Harold, we’ll have more deals for you to join soon enough. 😉

Harold’s experience highlights two things I really enjoy about mentoring.

The first is seeing students succeed from what I teach them.

The second is the chance it gives me for my own growth.

Though I’ve taught capital raising for a long time, I’ve always taught the methodical way to build a sustainable investor list, and slowly get rich.

But, in this case, I had to teach Harold and the other students what to do when you have no list, but you have a deal right now.

Because, unlike what the gurus say, if you have a great deal, the money doesn’t just come to you.

I had to dig deep for a methodology for real life. And Harold applied it and proved it works.

Now, as you probably know, I’m overhauling my entire Apartment Investing Accelerator at the moment. As soon as I hit “send” on this email, I’m recording more of it today.

I’m incorporating the lessons I’ve learned since the last iteration of the program in 2019, including my new methodology for successfully raising capital fast, from a cold start with no list.

Apartment Investing Accelerator will be available just before Thanksgiving at a one-time, introductory price of $1,000.

And, included in the special price is another limited offer:  12 months of complimentary access to Apartment Investors Club.

Where you get direct access to me and my entire community, for support, partnership, accountability, and overcoming obstacles.

Such as:  how you raise capital with no list, no experience, and no track record in real estate.

Now, I’m not saying you will get the same results as Harold right out of the gate. Your actual results will depend on your particular situation, the effort you put into it, and factors beyond your control.

But, you can learn the methodology that worked for Harold.

Start by adding your name to the AIA waitlist here.

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