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Maximising Multifamily Real Estate Returns: Feras Moussa’s Proven Growth Formula

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: November 22, 2023

📌Feras Moussa is one of the founders of Disrupt Equity, a real estate company that leverages technology to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the industry. With a background in software and experience working at Microsoft, Feras saw the opportunity to disrupt the traditional real estate market and has since built an impressive business. His company has already crossed the $800 million mark in acquisitions and is on track to reach a billion by the end of the year. Feras and his team not only focus on sourcing deals and raising capital but also have an in-house management company and several auxiliary businesses in the multifamily space. With ambitious goals for the future, Feras is a true expert in scalable growth strategies in the real estate industry.

In this episode:
👉Discover how Disrupt Equity’s growth strategy can take your real estate investments to new heights.
👉Uncover the challenges of property management and learn how to navigate them for optimal returns.
👉Explore the importance of transparency in property management and how it can lead to long-term success.
👉Learn how to leverage technology in real estate operations to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.
👉insights into building effective leadership skills that will fuel your real estate business growth and scalability.

📑More about Feras Moussa

Feras is a serial entrepreneur with a tech background. He holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin and began his career working at Microsoft as a Program Manager where he became an Invited Expert of the W3C to help define the next generation of the web, followed by starting his own software firm. After Microsoft, Feras continued his career in real estate by launching Disrupt Equity with Ben Suttles to focus on large-scale apartment acquisitions. To date, Disrupt Equity has acquired 4,500+ units and $700M+ in AUM, primarily throughout Georgia, Texas, and Florida

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Disrupt Equity

🖋️ Some key points:

(02:22) – Importance of Management in Real Estate
(03:40) – Number of Employees and Third-Party Management
(07:41) – Third-Party Management for Different Types of Assets
(11:49) – Setting Realistic Expectations
(12:58) – Overcoming Management Challenges
(13:38) – Focusing on Filling Units
(14:18) – Common Owner Misunderstandings
(16:26) – The Deterioration Process
(23:36) – Multifamily Value Adds and Risk Adjusted Returns
(24:58) – Building a Brand and Expanding Opportunities
(25:34) – The Origin and Meaning of “Disrupt,”
(26:55) – Core Values and Disrupting the Norm
(35:16) – Building the Right Foundation
(36:27) – Vision for the Future

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