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Real estate secrets of 9th century Vikings

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: October 23, 2023
I love Vikings.

Norse sagas, Viking histories, the show Vikings, viking documentaries, the show The Last Kingdom. Anything with Vikings in it.

Not just because the real Uhtred of Bamberg is my 31st great-grandfather.

But because the Vikings were bad-ass. In the 9th and 10th centuries, they changed the world from North America to Constantinople.

Most people think of Vikings sailing the ocean. But actually they were deadly because they could row.

Viking ships had rows of oarsmen on benches. With them pulling together, the ships moved with unprecedented speed up rivers. They attacked miles from the coast, where no one expected, and they were gone before help arrived.

But imagine a Viking ship with just one oarsman.

He’d have a helluva time making the ship go anywhere.

At best, he’d make slow progress – running from side to side, pulling one oar at a time to keep the ship straight.

More likely, he’d just make the boat spin in a slow circle.

Most new multifamily investors are like a lone Viking oarsman.

Either they’re slowly spinning in a circle. Or they’re running back and forth like crazy to make slow forward progress.

The people who succeed at multifamily investing work with a full crew.

They’re not trying to find deals, sign up investors, asset manage, market deals, run investor relations, etc., all alone.

Either they’re a captain who’s filled the seats in their ship, with everyone pulling in the same direction and making speed upriver.

Or they’ve joined someone else’s crew. Every ship needs a first mate, a coxswain, a navigator. And oarsmen. That’s another path to success.

Even if you understand the need to assemble or join a team, it’s hard to find your crew if you’re not part of a larger community of investors.

Which is why I’m building the Apartment Investors Club.

There are 100 crew members already inside, equipped to help you to reach your destination. People who can find deals. Raise money. Run due diligence. Manage investors. Manage an asset.

And you’ll also find what every successful ship has – an “old salt.” The veteran who’s sailed the route many times before. Who can read the tide, winds, and birds. Who knows where the smooth waters are. And the deadly rocks that have shipwrecked others in the past.

That’s me. The old salt, ready to guide you safely to the next port.

Right now, members of the Club are preparing for a new voyage.

I’m overhauling my signature Apartment Investing Accelerator program, because we’re in a different world than 18 months ago. With new obstacles and opportunities.

The Accelerator goes on sale just before Thanksgiving, when it’s available at a special price with a special bonus: 12 months of complimentary access to Apartment Investors Club.

So you can find the crew to make your ship sail to your ultimate destination:  independence through multifamily investing.

And an Old Salt to help you navigate the waters safely.

To enlist, start here.

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