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Why other people are always the problem

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: October 23, 2023

I know why you’ve failed at real estate investing so far.


Because it’s why I failed too.

But I overcame this failure.  And I know you can as well.  You see, it’s really not about you.

It’s other people . . .

People say real estate is a team sport.

But what does that really mean?

It means a successful investment business executes many roles:

  • Deal sourcing
  • Underwriting
  • Fundraising
  • Due diligence
  • Property management
  • Asset management
  • Marketing

Each of these roles requires a different skill and personality type.

Like the introvert who loves preparing excel spreadsheets alone.

Or the extravert who loves networking with brokers and investors.

Or the person who likes finite tasks with quick wins, like underwriting or signing up a new investor.  Versus the one who’s good at long-term project management like getting a deal through due-diligence.

If you’ve failed in the past, it’s probably because you looked at all these roles, felt overwhelmed, and got stuck.

Or, like me, you did all the things, got burned out, and lost momentum.

Our problem – You and I – was trying to be a “team of 1.”

We didn’t have the support of other people.

The book, Who Not How, but Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy, contains the antidote:  success is not figuring out how to do all the things. It’s finding the right “whos” to do them with you.

Everyone I know who scaled a real estate business put this into practice, even if they never heard of the book.

I got traction when I focused on finding opportunities and putting deals together, which I enjoy. I found a partner who loves operations, which I hate.

And now, I enjoy my business again.

I want this for you, too.

So I’m building a community of investors where you can implement Who Not How in real life.  A community where you can:

  • Experience the investing business yourself ~ so you understand which skills you actually excel at and enjoy
  • Participate in deals ~ to test these skills out in real time
  • Find partners that complement you ~ so you can focus on what you love, they can too, and together you can scale
  • Access the experience of veteran investors ~ so you can always get the answer you need when you encounter an obstacle
  • Receive the support and accountability you need ~ so you can maintain the momentum to hit your goals
  • Get direct access to me ~ unlike those programs where you never actually interact with the guy who’s face is on it

Think of this community as a kind of “club” for people who get that investing is a team sport. I call it the Apartment Investors Club.

About 100 ambitious people like you are already members, and soon, you’ll have a chance to join them.

Now, you’ve heard me say it before. I truly believe a once-a-decade opportunity to buy multifamily properties is arriving.

And to prepare for it, I’m giving my Apartment Investing Accelerator program a complete, ground-up overhaul.

The Accelerator gives you the skills you need to build sustainable multifamily wealth.

But having skills isn’t enough. To succeed, you need partners to complement you and experienced mentors to guide you through the inevitable rough patches.

So the new Accelerator comes with 12 months of complimentary access to the Club and the community of investors inside.

To celebrate the overhaul, I will offer the Accelerator and Club at a special, introductory price, for a limited time just before Thanksgiving.

To guarantee early access, join the waiting list here.

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