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The Kansas City Advantage: Why Smart Investors are Flocking to the Heartland w/ Logan Freeman

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Discover why real estate investor Logan Freeman believes that investing in the Midwest, particularly Kansas City, is the key to success in the market.

With affordable prices, strong demand drivers, and infrastructure improvements, Kansas City offers cash flow opportunities now and the potential for future appreciation. But what happens when the market stabilizes and returns to normal?

Find out how Freeman’s analysis leaves investors questioning their next move in this captivating episode.

In this episode,we cover:
👉the integral connection between asset management and successful real estate dealings.
👉 the value of finding compatible and skill-diverse partners in catapulting your real estate enterprises to greater heights
👉the hidden gems of the lesser-explored niche asset classes, namely small retail properties and adaptable industrial spaces
👉why the Midwest, more specifically Kansas City, is an attractive hotspot for lucrative real estate investment
👉Freeman’s distinctive approach to real estate investing, and his noteworthy future leadership goals.

📑About Logan Freeman

Logan Freeman brings over 6 years of real estate experience to the team starting his real estate career with a single-family rental portfolio where he executed over $50MM in acquisitions.

From there, Logan moved to the commercial brokerage world where he was the leading salesperson year over year as he created, led, and executed a unique strategy for representing Buyers in 1031 transactions.

Logan oversees the Investor Relations and Marketing Divisions at FTW Investments and contributes heavily to its project sourcing and capital raising efforts. Logan leads XchangeCRE, an affiliate of the firm that assists 1031 exchange investors in identifying replacement properties and other tax-advantaged reinvestment strategies including TIC investments with FTW Investments. Logan leverages his people skills and transaction background to drive new acquisitions, capital raising, and investor relations.

FTW owns and operates over 1400 multifamily units across the midwest and an additional 400k sq/ft of commercial properties. Logan is a voting member of the firm’s investment committee.

🖋️ Some key points:

(03:25) – importance of asset management,
(06:31) – background and journey,
(09:43) – motivation and inspiration,
(13:31) – finding the right business partners,
(16:45) – triple net industrial and retail space,
(19:59) – class b multifamily focus,
(23:40) – risks in class c assets,
(26:38) – why the midwest is a good place to invest,
(28:51) – demand drivers in the midwest,
(32:27) – potential for growth in the midwest,
(34:24) – midwest as a cash flow investment,
(39:36) – diversifying sources of capital,
(40:49) – transitioning to leadership,

🌎Reach out to Logan Freeman

FTW Investments

🌎Reach out to JonathanTwombly
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathandtwombly

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