The Pro enters combat alone

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: September 18, 2023

The War of Art, by Steve Pressfield, is one of my favorite books.

You’ve probably heard of it.

But maybe you haven’t heard of his sequel, Turning Pro, which takes his ideas of discipline and facing the work even further.

There, he writes,

“The linebacker and the Army Ranger go into action as part of a team. But the artist and the entrepreneur enter combat alone. I take my hat off to every man or woman who does this.”
Entrepreneurship can be a lonely battle.

Your friends doubt you. Your family doubts you. People you just met feel they can tell you why your idea won’t work.

Heck, even people in my Facebook group, who joined because they share my dream of freedom as a real estate entrepreneur, tell me it won’t work.

Pressfield reveals the antidote to this, his Quality No. 14 of a Pro:

“14.  The Professional does not hesitate to ask for help.”

This means the Professional (artist, entrepreneur) seeks help.

From the right people.

Not the friend or family member or stranger who’s never actually done it before.

Ask them, and you hear a barrage of “it won’t work because once I heard about this guy who failed” -type answers.

But nothing based on actual experience.

Pressfield says pros seek help from other pros. Other men and women who’ve actually experienced single combat. People who actually faced the struggles you’re about to encounter.

I didn’t get this when I started in real estate.

I believed that, because I’d worked on billion-dollar cases as a lawyer for a decade, I was smart enough to figure real estate out.

Smarter than those dumb guys teaching those dumb courses.

What did they know?

I paid the price for not getting help: lost money, time, opportunity.

But for that price, I purchased experience, know-how, skills, and battle scars.

The map of where the landmines are laid.

I can share these with you.

Pressfield calls dreamers “amateurs.”

If you’re ready to quit being a real estate amateur.

If you’re ready to turn pro.

Then reach out to me.

I can help.

Don’t hesitate to ask for it.

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