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This happens to me All. The. Time.

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: September 13, 2023

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Did you ever make a mental note of a cool-looking restaurant you passed by, or a place you want to go the next time you visit a city…

But then, when you’re trying to remember it, you can’t?

Maybe you even made a note, but now you can’t even find the note?!

This happens to me a lot.

But I found the perfect solution:

Hotspot, an app developed by my good friend Stanley Virgilis, a serial tech entrepreneur.

Hotspot allows me to tag all the places I’ve been to and liked, and all those places someone mentioned to me, or I passed by, or I read about, so I don’t forget.

It also allows me to circumvent dubious or fake reviews on Yelp and Google by seeing the places my friends recommend ~ or trash.

Hotspot also gives suggestions based on your tags.

And puts all this on a map for you, to make it really easy to remember the places you wanted to go.

So, for example, next time I’m in Montreal, it will be really easy to find not just the places I liked, but the places I wanted to try but didn’t have time to.

Not just restaurants – literally, everything.

So, if you want to be my friend on Hotspot, here’s my link.  I will be curious to see the places you like.

And be sure to invite your friends to make it more useful to you.

Now, I have no financial interest in Hotspot whatsoever.

I just like helping friends out.

And I like sharing things I enjoy with my email subscribers.

A list of email subscribers is one of the most important things you can create as an entrepreneur.

Probably THE most important.

To be successful as a multifamily syndicator, you MUST develop an email list of investors and potential investors.

It makes raising money far easier.

And it’s the only way to raise money without selling, without having to pick up the phone, without ever having to ask anyone for money.

(And you know how uncomfortable that is.  It’s probably one of the things that’s stopping you from trying to raise money right now.)

Having a list will create opportunities way beyond just multifamily syndication.

I leveraged my list to raise money for a cannabis company, for other people’s deals, for conferences and meetups, and to help Stanley find potential angel investors for Hotspot.

Because I have a list, I regularly receive pitch decks for startups, because people know I have a big network.

I pass these onto VC and angel investor friends, thereby deepening my relationship with them and reinforcing their impression of me as someone with access to deal flow.

Building a list is one of the things I’m focusing on strongly in the new version of my multifamily investing course, due out at Thanksgiving.

Because it’s one of your keys to success.

But don’t wait for my course to come out.  Get to work building your list today.

And, who knows, if enough people reach out to me, I might even think of putting together an impromptu training on list-building.

In the meantime, check out Hotspot. It’s fun and really handy.

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