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Uncovering Hidden Gems: Investing in the Undersupplied Vermont Real Estate Market w/ Michael Gilman of Cross Mountain Capital

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: September 13, 2023

If you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged by investing in oversaturated real estate markets, where competition is fierce and returns are diminishing, then you are not alone! Many real estate investors find themselves caught in a cycle of bidding wars, low rental yields, and limited growth opportunities in popular markets. However, by exploring undersupplied markets like Vermont, you can break free from this cycle and achieve strong returns by capitalizing on the untapped potential and growing demand in these smaller markets.

In this episode, we cover:
👉discover how to make lucrative investments in small, promising New England markets
👉how to identify high-yielding properties in markets marred by deficient supply.
👉the opportunities and trials that the Vermont property market offers.
👉how to supervise properties in minute markets, even from a distance.
👉why familiarising yourself with local laws and tapping into state-run programs holds substantial value.

📑About Michael Gilman

Michael is the Founder and Managing Principal at Cross Mountain Capital. A Vertically Integrated Real Estate Sponsor focused on opportunistic and value add real estate in New England and the Mountain West. Cross Mountain Capital currently has about $100m of AUM and is rapidly growing.

A former lawyer at Wall St. investment banks, Michael has over ten years of experience acquiring and repositioning multifamily assets and producing returns on capital. After successfully building his real estate portfolio approaching 100 units across the northeast (self-managed through his affiliate MSA Properties LLC and subsequently merged with 3GEN Real Estate Inc to cover multiple markets).

Michael established Cross Mountain Capital to bring best in class returns to sophisticated investors such as family offices, investment funds and professionals looking to diversify their investment portfolios with real assets. Before devoting himself full time to Cross Mountain Capital, Michael was Head of Legal and Portfolio Management at Easyknock. He managed over $250+ million in residential properties and advised on legal matters related to the company and multi-state real estate business and legal issues.

🌎Reach out to Michael Gilman

Cross Mountain Capital

🖋️ Some key points:

(01:35) – investing in Vermont,
(05:18) – ease of renting in smaller markets,
(07:26) – expanding to Colorado real estate,
(09:59) – supply and demand imbalance in smaller markets,
(15:17) – managing hotels for easy renovations,
(16:09) – foray into prefab development,
(18:30) – real estate portfolio construction in New England,
(20:00) – buying assets in New England,
(21:31) – energy efficiency programs in Vermont

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathandtwombly

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