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Unlocking SBA Financing for Car Washes and Self-Storage Facilities with Dan Rogers

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: December 20, 2023

📌Dan Rogers is a seasoned expert in SBA financing, specialising in alternative assets such as car washes, self-storage facilities, and RV parks. With over three and a half years of experience as a national 50-state SBA lender at First Bank of the Lake, he brings a wealth of knowledge in navigating the complexities of SBA loans, including the 7(a), 504, and USDA loan programs. His insight into the eligibility criteria, loan structures, and the types of businesses that qualify for SBA financing provides a valuable perspective for investors exploring alternative asset opportunities. With his friendly and approachable manner, Dan offers a wealth of practical insights into leveraging SBA loans for alternative asset investments.

In this episode:
👉Explore the potential of SBA financing for alternative assets, unlocking new investment opportunities.
👉Understand the eligibility requirements for SBA loans, ensuring you’re prepared to secure funding for your investment ventures.
👉Discover why car washes are eligible businesses for SBA financing
👉The business operations necessary for securing SBA loans
👉Uncover the financial factors crucial for evaluating car wash investments

📑More about Dan Rogers
Dan has 25+ year career in sales and says he doesn’t do anything other than talk for a living. It is in that communication and in working with colleagues who become friends where he gets his inner energy. Dan has been or become the why many business owners get closer to their own success. He’s done this as a B2B sales person, a professional sales coach and as a Business Lending Broker. He embraces his role first as a Business Finance Educator and secondly as a lender with a certain loan program. With a long career he has sold cars, home loans, printers, huge printers, software systems and widgets of all sorts. He currently is an SBA Lender working within the SBA and USDA programs.

Specifically, Dan shares a slightly nuanced approach to business owners who are running into the frustrating snags caused when they seek business loans. He feels these issues are caused by the commonly held myths related traditional banking mechanisms in the US.

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🖋️ Some key points:

(01:00) – Dan’s Role at First Bank of the Lake
(02:08) – Understanding SBA Loans
(07:50) – SBA-Eligible Business Types
(14:23) – Qualifications for General Manager in Assisted Living Facility Ownership
(16:00) – Hands-On Involvement in Business Operations
(18:46) – Variable vs. Fixed Rate SBA Loans
(21:22) – Financing Options for Purchasing vs. Building a Car Wash
(25:20) – Impact of Tax Returns on SBA Loan Eligibility
(28:20) – Importance of Working with a Loan Broker for SBA Loans
(29:13) – Qualification Requirements for SBA Loans
(32:28) – Funding a Business Purchase with SBA Loan
(37:38) – Structuring Business and Real Estate Purchase with SBA Loan

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