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Vetted Real Estate Investments for the Passive Investor w/ Spencer Hilligoss

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: May 24, 2023

Establishing strong, long-lasting relationships in the real estate investing sphere is fundamental to success. Building these relationships takes time, effort and mutual trust. By connecting with reputable sponsors, experienced investors and knowledgeable professionals, investors can ensure they are well supported throughout their investment journey.

Additionally, these relationships create a platform for resource sharing, guidance and mutual growth, all while increasing the investor’s chances of successful returns.

To Spencer Hilligoss, establishing and maintaining relationships is a top priority in the world of real estate investing. As mentioned in the podcast, Hilligoss believes that skipping the relationship-building stage is a missed opportunity for many investors.

By cultivating trust and a shared investment philosophy with others, Hilligoss has not only built a highly successful investment club, but also solidified his reputation as an accomplished real estate investor.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Master the intricacies of fluctuating interest rates and safeguard your real estate investments.
Cultivate meaningful investor relationships as the cornerstone of fruitful real estate investment.
Unravel the vital connection between self-realisation and a thriving business model.
Shed light on the pathway to broker-dealer accreditation, boosting credibility in real estate investing.

“The long view is important right now for everyone in the passive investor mindset.”

About Spencer Hilligoss

Spencer Hilligoss is a full time investor and former operations leader who walked away from a lucrative career of 13 years across 5 high-growth Fintech companies. In 2019, five months before the pandemic – Spencer left behind the golden handcuffs to give full focus on serving Madison Investing’s passive investor group.

Now, Spencer’s full focus goes to Madison Investing – a passive investing group with hundreds of members actively deploying capital with Madison’s vetted sponsors and deals in high-growth markets across the US. Spencer and his wife/COO Jennifer put their own personal skin-in-the-game with each operator as the cornerstone of a 5-part sponsor vetting framework, designed to de-risk the toughest question facing every passive investor: “can I trust this team with my capital?”

Madison Investing specializes in real estate syndications and private equity funds – focused on multifamily, self storage and niche asset classes. Madison has partnered on real estate deals totaling more than 10,000 units – spanning 36 deals and 13 full-cycle exits.

Spencer is a father of two, an avid guitar player, graduate of CU Boulder and currently based in the Bay Area, California. He is a registered member of FINRA and a member of the Forbes 2022 Business Council. Madison Investing is accepting applications from new members who meet Accredited Investor requirements: www.madisoninvesting.com

Some key points:

(02:19) How Spencer came to run an investment club
(05:47) Spencer’s take on the current state of the multi family market
(10:26) The times of easy money are likely over
(13:14) People are unable to refinance their debt and this is where the opportunity lies
(15:17) Spencer explains how the investment club works
(19:36) How Spencer built up the relationships that formed the club
(22:22) Spencer’s approach to syndication is old-school
(24:21) People are less bullish, so closer investor relationships have become more important
(25:53) Quality vs quantity in investor relationships
(27:33) On becoming a broker dealer
(31:23) FINRA compliance requirements
(33:24) How to reach out to Spencer

🌎Reach out to Spencer Hilligoss

Website: https://www.madisoninvesting.com/

🌎Reach out to JonathanTwombly
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathandtwombly

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