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From Charter to Success: The Journey of Starting a New Bank in the Real Estate Industry w/ Sam Morris

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: September 27, 2023

My special guest is Sam Morris. As a veteran banker with experience spanning over 18 years, he has developed an insightful perspective on the symbiotic relationship between the banking industry and real estate. Sam can articulate industry jargon in a way that makes it meaningful for his listeners, making his conversations as enlightening as they are engaging. Before turning to real estate, he held key roles within community banks and even kick-started his own. A dynamic leader, Sam is now the CEO of Sunset Capital, bringing his bank-side understanding to identify and manage assets across apartment and storage complexes.

In this episode:
👉Gain insight into the interconnected mechanisms and obstacles involved in the creation of a new banking institution.
👉Discover the vital function of community banks in strengthening local economic structures and offering tailored banking solutions.
👉Evaluate the cascading effect of interest rates on banking calamities, gleaning from up-to-date, high-profile incidents.
👉Investigate the determinants triggering stricter lending standards in the dynamic real estate sector.

📑About Sam Morris

Mr. Morris is the CEO of Sunset Capital. He has over twenty years’ experience in various aspects of real estate and has led acquisition and disposition teams on over $450MM in multifamily transactions. Having asset managed for over $550MM in real estate assets he has experience in all aspects of the life cycle of a property. As a former corporate banker for 18 years, he was involved in over $1B of financing in real estate transactions. Mr. Morris graduated from Northwood University with a BA in Banking & Finance and Business Management. He has been married for 20 years and has four children. He sits on the board of directors at Texas Traditions Bank and is an active member at various community organisations.

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Sunset Capital

🖋️ Some key points:

(02:03) – starting a bank
(04:36) – getting initial funds
(07:11) – importance of community banks
(09:30) – knowing your banker
(13:10) – establishing a bank,
(14:55) – challenges of starting a bank,
(18:20) – high profile bank collapses,
(27:13) – banks and risk in lending,
(28:10) – government intervention and bank runs,
(30:17) – tightening of lending environment,
(34:45) – high profile foreclosures and lending standards,
(37:14) – when will the lending environment improve?,
(40:42) – the availability of funds and distressed opportunities,
(41:07) – timing of market recovery,
(41:27) – potential bargains in the market,
(41:45) – future discussions on banking,

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