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From Nurse to Real-Estate Investor: The Path to Financial Independence with Networth Nurse Savannah Arroyo

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: September 6, 2023

Introducing Savannah Arroyo, an inspirational figure who transitioned from a full-time nursing career to become a successful real estate investor in record time. Not only did she veer off the traditional path, but she also did so with finesse, adding a remarkable chapter to her life story. Today, Savannah is affectionately known as the “Networth Nurse” and uses her personal success story to motivate and guide other healthcare professionals into the multifamily real estate sphere. The narrative of her journey illuminates her innate resilience and strategic acumen, especially her capability to replace her full-time income in just two years of venturing into real estate.

In this episode, we cover:
👉unique strategies that make real estate investing a pathway to financial freedom.
👉the power of goal-setting and visualization in spearheading successful real estate investments
👉how skills acquired in nursing can unexpectedly bolster your entrepreneurial journey
👉the indispensability of diligent research and analysis when investing in apartments.
👉relationship-building and networking, and its pivotal role in the real estate industry.

📑About Savannah Arroyo

CEO and Founder of Networth Nurse and her newest startup, InvestHealth, Savannah started her real estate investing career at the beginning of 2020 after having her second daughter. Looking for additional income streams and alternative ways to build wealth, Savannah began educating herself about investing, more specifically – real estate. She has since purchased over $10M worth of real estate, partnering primarily with healthcare professionals to scale her portfolio. Savannah is passionate about educating and supporting others to achieve their financial goals. Very active on social media, Savannah openly shares her investing story with thousands of people – giving them an inside look into her life as a nurse, as a mother, and as a real estate investor.

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Networth Nurse

🖋️ Some key points:

(00:49) – discovering real estate investing,
(03:20) – transitioning to real estate syndications,
(06:04) – developing mental toughness,
(09:28) – setting aggressive goals,
(13:04) – celebrating goal achievement,
(13:41) – knowing yourself and what you like,
(15:36) – achieving goals and evaluating effort,
(16:51) – finding your why,
(17:26) – introduction to invest health startup,
(26:44) – building implementations and standard operating procedures,
(27:37) – relevance of nursing in current career,
(29:19) – deep thought work and meditation,
(33:28) – strategic conversations with business partner,
(36:25) – starting a business: conversations and networking,
(39:50) – conclusion

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