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How You Could Raise 7 Million Dollars In Your First 12 Months In the Real Estate Business w/ Craig Stevens

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: August 30, 2023

After 25 fruitful years in corporate America, Craig switched gears to turn his side hustle into his full-time commitment. His journey in real estate began with acquiring personal investment properties in New York and Indiana. Soon though, a drive for faster growth led Craig to the realm of syndications. Today he effectively raises substantial capital for syndications and manages a portfolio featuring properties across varied states. Not just that, Craig saw a niche in the market and set up a property management company for short-term rentals. Passionate, resourceful, and driven, Craig truly embodies the spirit of an entrepreneurial investor.

In this episode, we cover:
👉the journey of transitioning from a corporate job to the dynamic realm of full-time real estate investment
👉innovative strategies that enable rapid increase in investment scales through effective capital raising methods
👉the potential of building a trustworthy reputation and its inducement in investor engagement
👉How to perfect your communication style to pique and retain investor interest through well-balanced outreach efforts
👉Probing into networking strategies for pulling together a resilient band of investors.

📑About Craig Stevens

Craig was able to study the habits of successful global investors while living in Hong Kong, New York City, and London and applied that knowledge to create a personal real estate portfolio of $6m and 35+ tenants.

With his extensive experience, he has also partnered with others in over $260m of commercial real estate transactions. His personal success in wealth building is built upon the important fundamentals of saving and investing strategically.

As a self-made millionaire, Craig is passionate about helping individuals develop their own personalized wealth growth strategies. This focus has led him to found several start-ups, including Shore Term Rentals, a shortterm rental listing, and property management company, & Groundbreaking Real Estate, that give the common investor ways to invest in high-return real estate investments that may have been previously out of their reach.

🌎Reach out to Craig Stevens

Email info@groundbreakingre.com
Phone 888-845-1190
Groundbreaking Real Estate Website https://groundbreakingre.com/about-us/

🖋️ Some key points:

(00:49) – craig’s background and current business snapshot,
(03:28) – transitioning into syndications,
(05:29) – starting a property management company,
(06:11) – capital raising and syndications,
(13:19) – raising capital through referrals and social media,
(14:31) – best practices for capital raising,
(17:03) – networking strategies for capital raising,
(18:24) – starting and leading meetup groups,
(20:13) – building credibility and trust,
(25:33) – scheduling meetings and reaching out to investors on fridays,
(26:40) – capturing contact information and using CRM,
(27:57) – importance of getting contact information at networking events,
(28:18) – persistence and starting small in capital raising,
(28:59) – contacting craig and joining his list,

🌎Reach out to JonathanTwombly
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathandtwombly

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