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Scaling to Success: Going from a Duplex to 10,000 Units w/ Zamir Kazi of ZMR Capital

by Jonathan Twombly
Last Updated: October 4, 2023

Zamir Kazi is a real estate maverick who has defied the odds and achieved extraordinary success in the industry. From his first investment in a rundown $20,000 Duplex, Zamir has skyrocketed his portfolio to an astounding 10,000 units in just a decade.

With a laser focus on value-add core plus properties in the sun-soaked states of the sunbelt, Zamir has strategically expanded his presence across eight states, with Florida being the heart of his operations. Leading a team of 25 dedicated professionals spread across Los Angeles, Florida, and Texas, Zamir’s headquarters may be in Tampa, but his ambitions have no geographical bounds.

In this episode:
👉the challenges and benefits of expanding your real estate portfolio – insights on how to grow your business to new heights.
👉the pros and cons of transitioning from syndicating deals with friends and family to working with institutional investors
👉understanding the importance of networking and establishing trust with partners for long-term success.
👉the art of handling investor capital and raising funds
👉Navigate the current market conditions and identify potential investment prospects

📑More about Zamir Kazi

Zamir Kazi started his career in real estate in 2013 after attending Florida State University buying and flipping duplexes. He formed Berkshire Property Holdings in 2014 (later rebranded to ZMR Capital) to acquire and redevelop multifamily real estate.

In the past 9 years as CEO of ZMR Capital Zamir has acquired over $1.5B of multifamily assets. He has been the recipient of Globe Street’s 50 under 40 and is an active investor and board member of multiple early-stage companies. Zamir also contributes significant time and resources to several charities.

He is a member of YPO, has a daughter, and a goldendoodle. Zamir spends his time between Los Angeles and Tampa.

🌎Reach out to Zamir Kazi

ZMR Capital

🖋️ Some key points:

(00:31) – from a duplex to 10,000 units,
(01:36) – cold calling and institutional deals,
(05:28) – the beginnings of real estate investing,
(07:43) – scaling up and raising capital,
(13:48) – building relationships and shifting lenders,
(15:25) – benefits of syndication,
(17:01) – challenges of scale,
(18:04) – structuring institutional deals,
(20:32) – involvement and value of equity partners,
(28:10) – the dangers of misleading marketing in real estate investing,
(28:33) – the importance of reputation and performance,
(30:12) – hiring the right people,
(32:10) – delegating and letting go,
(35:33) – challenges and opportunities in the real estate market,

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